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The volume Factor

What is the larger puzzle? For most investors, the puzzle is not the building of wealth. Rather, the dilemma is figuring out how to make their money work for them. This problem resides within the space between an individual’s investment strategy and their financial plan. It is precisely here, in this gap, where investors and financial planners often falter – it’s the missing puzzle piece.

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The Volume Factor serves as an elucidating resource, leveraging one’s capacity to achieve their financial goals…

The Volume Factor serves as an elucidating resource, leveraging one’s capacity to achieve their financial goals. It offers truly unique and differentiated goals-based investment strategies utilizing state-of-the-art analysis beyond that of modern portfolio theory. In this way, the Volume Factor arms and enlightens investors towards the achievement of successful financial outcomes.

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Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe Founder & CEO Optuma

Volume, the often ignored metric, is one of the most powerful drivers of market moves. This book is an incredible resource of not only the role of Volume but also how it can be used to unlock some amazing trading signals. Buff’s volume based indicators are some of the most inspired indicators I’ve seen in my nearly 30 years of Technical Analysis work. No matter what your level of proficiency with Technical Analysis is, these are indicators that should be in your daily tool-kit. There are so many high points in this book like Buff’s explanation of price momentum in terms of Newtonian physics and the critical section on Risk Management. Make sure you don’t skip the introduction on this book either, Buff’s candor as he describes his experience and observations in the market is refreshing and will help anyone who is open to self-reflection. This is an incredible book that will give any Fund Manager, Advisor or Trader critical insights into what drives the market, the confidence to hold a position, and the hidden clues of when it’s time to get out.

Michael Carr, CMT

Analysts debate the importance of volume in modern markets. Some say changes in market structure make it less meaningful. Others insist principles from the 1800s still apply exactly as they did back then. Buff uses data to settle the question definitively and shows both sides are wrong. He introduces new indicators offering unique insights into market action. He explains how to calculate the indicators and how to use them in trading. This is groundbreaking work and Buff has changed the way I will look at markets in the future. VPCI and VMI are now standard indicators on my charts. After reading this book, you’ll certainly find tools to add volume to your work too.

Joseph E. Granville,

I found investing with Volume Analysis of great interest. Any new study of volume and its great technical importance demands immediate attention. It is good to have Buff’s new ideas and discoveries added to the history and importance of volume in technical analysis. My sincere thanks to Buff for his great work and contribution.

John Zietlow, D.B.A., CTP, Professor of Finance, Malone University (Canton, OH)

In Investing with Volume Analysis, Buff builds a strong case for giving more attention to volume. This book gives a broad overview of volume diagnostic measures and includes several references to academic studies underpinning the importance of volume analysis. Maybe most importantly, it gives insight into the Volume Price Confirmation Indicator (VPCI), an indicator Buff developed to more accurately gauge investor participation when moving averages reveal price trends. The reader will find out how to calculate the VPCI and how to use it to evaluate the health of existing trends.

Walter A. Row, III, CFA, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Eaton Vance Management

Investing with Volume Analysis is a compelling read on the critical role that changing volume patterns play on predicting stock price movement. As buyers and sellers vie for dominance over price, volume analysis is a divining rod of profitable insight, helping to focus the serious investor on where profit can be realized and risk avoided.

Richard W. Arms, Jr., Arms Advisor

The author has gathered in one place all of the major methods and theories that deal with volume in the stock market and has recognized volume as an equal partner with price in the workings of market and stock movements. He puts it all together into usable and readable guidance, using effective analogies and occasional humor.

Larry Williams, Private Trader, World Cup Trading Champion

I trade for a living and don’t have time for fluff and puff. Buff tossed facts and figures in my face like a silver cross in front of a werewolf. He is on to much here, as you will see. This book is not a morsel; it’s a nine-course meal. Dig in.

Tom McClellan, Editor, The McClellan Market Report

For every stock trade that takes place, three key pieces of information are recorded: price, time, and size. It is from these three pieces of data that we derive all the key information that technical analysts use to examine a stock’s behavior. If you are only looking at prices, then you are throwing out a whole lot of key information. Buff’s book teaches you how to take that information about the size of trades and turn it into the seven types of volume indicators. Better still, he teaches you how to use those tools to improve your own trading.


In the continual pursuit for higher profits, investors and traders alike often assume significantly higher risks while chasing the next hot opportunity. Other more sophisticated investors attempt to employ complicated indicators while not fully understanding the information the indicator was designed to reveal. Only book to win both the Technical Analysis Book of the year and the TraderPlanet Star Award.

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Savvy investors utilize analysis to strategically navigate the market, aiming for higher profits with reduced risk…

Savvy investors utilize analysis to strategically navigate the market, aiming for higher profits with reduced risk. “Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends” by Buff Pelz Dormeier offers a nuanced perspective on the crucial role of volume in understanding market shifts. The book, recognized with awards such as the 2012 Technical Analyst Book of the Year and Trader Planet’s Top Book Resource of 2011, introduces cutting-edge techniques for analyzing the correlation between volume, price movements, and market trends, providing valuable insights into the underlying rationale of market dynamics.

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