(Fort Wayne, IN) The Technical Analyst, an international publication servicing institutional financial markets, just named Investing with Volume Analysis as its Book of the Year at an award ceremony in London on April 18, 2013. Author Buff Dormeier accepted the award saying,

“I am extremely honored to accept this Award and do so with deep humility…. Although none of us know the future, as accomplished practitioners of market analysis we have each developed an edge, an edge to be treasured but not necessarily hidden. Yet we all share our ideas. I pray daily for wisdom. Perhaps that is why I am blessed to be supported upon the shoulders of the work of great practitioners like these willing to share their own insights. So let us thank, Mr. Matthew Clements whose magazine The Technical Analyst’s scours the globe bringing unique ideas to light that we all might be better at our professions. Cheers!”. Technical Analysis by Charles Kirkpatrick & Julia Dalhquist was the runner up, making it a clean sweep for financial publisher FT Press.

Investing with Volume Analysis has now won both Trader Planet’s STAR AWARD for top Book Resource as voted on by end users and the internationally prestigious Technical Analyst’s Book of the Year Award as peer reviewed and voted upon by top industry experts. TA’s Awards panel had the following to say:

“very clear, covered extensively, with useful examples”

“Formulas are perfectly explained … involved T.A.. tools are impressive”

“A very attractive topic: including volume in T.A. is most often not mastered by practitioners, and difficult”

Trader Plant’s critique:

The volume factor

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“He lucidly demonstrates numerous state-of-the-art methods for analyzing the relationship of volume to price movement and the evolution of market trends.”

“Any investor or trader that utilizes volume indicators in technical analysis to find solid market plays should read this book.”

“His in-depth work takes volume analysis to a higher level, a level at which reward significantly outweighs risk.”

Investing with Volume Analysis (FT Press, $49.99, 352 pps, ISBN – 9780137085507, published March 2011) stretches the field of market analysis and offers an enlightened look at the role of volume within modern markets. Author Buff Dormeier explains his proprietary methodologies to uncover asymmetrical relationships between price and volume never before revealed. He instructs the reader not only how to pragmatically use this information to spot disparities and sniff out upcoming trend reversals, but perhaps more importantly, how and why these methods can be effective. This book is the authoritative resource on all things volume.

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Buff Pelz Dormeier, CMT, is a foremost expert in the field of volume analysis and founder of VolumeAnalysis.com. He has nearly 20 years’ experience dynamically managing private investment portfolios for affluent individuals, institutions, trusts, endowments and financial advisors. A Chartered Market Technician, Buff received the 2007 Charles Dow Award recognizing research papers breaking new ground or which make innovative use of established techniques in the field of technical analysis. The Charles H. Dow Award is considered one of the most important awards in the field of technical analysis.

Volume Analysis LLC, is a financial media company possessing the sole distribution rights to Buff Dormeier’s award winning proprietary indicators, investment programs and software.

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